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Semi-independent Accommodation

Our semi-independent luxurious living facilities provides premium accommodation and supportive serene environment for residents aged 18 years and above within Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area. We aspire to promote a culture of respect, independence, age related decision and provide learning essential skill required for dailiy living and easy transition into adulthood. We provide a 5-bedroom terrace house fitted to modern standard to provide luxurious, serene, warmth and homelike family setting for our residents. Our home is situated in town within the community for easy access to social amenities. Our home is staffed round the clock and CCTV monitored for security and safety of our residents and staff. The sole purpose of our CCTV monitoring is for crime prevention and not for monitoring the activity of our residents.

Supported Living

With our innovative and individual-centred supported living enables young adolescent of 18 years and above to live independently in our home and community hassle free our professional support services.

We provide an inexhaustible list of services as we support every facet of everyday life to facilitate the development of basic life skills for independent living. Our Services include:

  • Medication compliance
  • Home or personal room maintenance
  • Personal budget and bills payment
  • Personal support
  • Education and employment
  • Support resident to participate in community activities
  • Therapeutic support
  • Mindfulness Session
  • Education, training or employment
  • Attending to their emotional and mental health
  • Religious and cultural needs/preferences
  • Healthy relationships and safe sexual health
  • Personalised packages of 1:1 coaching
  • Additional staffing 24 hour 1:1/ 2:1 etc
  • Support with food preparation and healthy living
  • Support with maintaining a clean and safe living environment
  • Daily reflective support on behaviour and conduct
  • Waking night staffing
  • Outreach support to young people placed in Stand Alone flats

Transition Support

Through our supported service we can facilitate the transition of our young ones to adult services for the development of their independence so they can achieve their hopes and aspirations. Our young ones interest is at the core of the support we render, hence we render a person-centred care to support their needs.

Our transition support includes:
  • acilitate accommodation that fulfils their requirement
  • Provide support for skill acquisition to our young ones
  • Support integration of young ones to local community
  • Encourage young ones to have family time, friend engagement and live a fulfilled life.
  • Ensure that our resident are safe, comfortable and happy
  • Work in partnership with our resident, family and healthcare interprofessional team to provide adequate person-centred support
  • With our experienced and skilled support team who constantly attend updated trainings to provide professional support to our residents.
  • Help young to find gainful employment


We render free consultation services to our resident as we consider the views of our resident as valuable and important. Our partnership with the young person are in accordance with the Children Act 1989. Our partnership principle involves consultation and communication with our young one and is implemented through the following;
Our transition support includes:
  • Home decoration and furnishing
  • Activities; sporting, cultural and recreation activities
  • Organising seasonal celebration gifts and present
  • Educational career such as subject choice, examinations, certification, college choice
  • Professional career development through curriculum vitae writing
  • Choice of key worker
  • Health related matters etc.

Career Support


Support approach in engaging young ones not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Absence from education, training and employment for an extended period of time for youth have potential consequences and present hazard of exclusion at crucial stages in life.

We have adopted a 5 phase approach to mitigate the challenges by young ones:


1. Skill evaluation.

2. Setting of direction.

3. Setting time frame.

4. Evaluate career plan.

Leisure Activity

Our facility provides its resident with a broad range of exciting activities to engage them when they at home. With our highly trained staff to help engage young people in activities.

Our Referral Process:

Our referral process is easy with our team readily available to make the process easy and smooth. We prioritise meeting the needs of our new referral and that of our already referred young ones in the provision of care in our placement to provide the most suitable and appropriate support. Our referral team aims to respond to every referral and enquiry within 24 hours.
Required support
Our referral team will create a meeting to find out the required need and preferences for you.
Formation of your needs
Through collaborative work with you, we would develop a person-centred support approach to form the most effective and efficient support plan and the right staffing for your need.
Your service management
We are obligated to manage and provide the highest standard of support tailored to meet your need for as long as required.